Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Mason hanging out with daddy.
Heidi enjoying a baby bottle for her dolly!
What a beautiful and glorious day it has been, spending time with our family and enjoying the gifts this Christmas Day has brought us. Emma and Madison both recieved digital cameras to explore the world of photograpy and a nail thing that applies glitter and sparkly stones to thier nails...thanks so much Auntie Leah!!! My wonderful husband always out does himself and bought me a new bike for my triathalon training and races!!! We also were blessed with about 10 more inches of new snow today with the possibility of more to come! It is definately time to go out and cross country ski and build a snow house to sleep in. Hopefully we can get started on those projects tomorrow!! The girls got bundled up and went out to wade through the snow today and came in with very rosy cheeks. Now we are getting ready for some hot chocolate and cookies by the fire before we head off to dreamland for another night! Thank you all for your letters and gifts and are wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!
My new bike!

The girls in their new PJ's

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Cranberry Hill said...

Merry Christmas Stephanie. Way to go Chad for getting you a new bike- that is a great gift.