Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another windy cloudy day!

This week as been extra extraordinary because the mountain 50 miles west of us has been erupting all week long. So far I think it has erupted 7 times since Sunday, with Monday morning being the worst of the eruptions sending ash and debrie 15,000 ft. into the air. Thankfully the wind is also blowing West so we are not getting any of the ash from the volcano! The sad part is that it has been cloudy here most of the week and so we can't even get a picture of our volcano!!!! What good is having a volcano erupt that is only 50 miles away if you can't photograph it when it is blowing stuff out of it. :) The girls are very disappointed as well that they can not see hopefully the wind will die down and the clouds will clear away so we can see something come out of the volcano!!!

Aside from the wind and the clouds I am very ready for the spring weather to arrive so we can have mud, puddles, and buds on the trees. Unfortunately for us Alaskans we know that we will not be able to plant anything in the ground unil at least the last week of May, and this year even later since the snow is still coming!!! Thankfully I have room in my house to start seeds for my garden. I just hope that this summer is warmer than last summer.

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Anonymous said...

We just planted our seeds today! The end of May is the time for us to plant outdoors as well. I'm glad you came over to my blog because I'd been thinking about you (remembering that pic in your header) and looking for your blog again. I neglected to save your info so I could return. Happy planting and I'm saving your blog this time!