Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mt. Redoubt

Well we had quite the day of excitement with the volcano erupting again twice today. The second time it was at 9:24am and the ash cloud went 65,000ft. into the air. As it was extremely cloudy here in Soldotna we could not see a thing (of course) and so had to wait for a break in the clouds to get any pictures. I could not go all the way to the beach tonight because of time but here is a picture that I got from the road right outside the driveway to camp! It looks more like clouds because it is so white but that is the ash cloud and what it blew out this morning.

They say that this can go on for months like the last time that Mt. Redoubt erupted, so hopefully we will get a really good picture one of these times. If you would like to see better photos taken by people that were in the air at the time of the eruption got to and click on photos: mt. redoubt activity. As for the ash fall that closed lots of businesses because they were worried to be out driving when the ash was falling; it was so little that you had to get up really close so you could see it and try to tell it from the dirt on your car! Hope it stays that way.

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