Monday, April 13, 2009


This is rather late considering Heidi's birthday was on April 2. She turned two and has been in the terrible two's for quite some time now! Heidi is fun and caring and at the same time she can make you want to tear your hair out....She has been so helpful with Mason and she cannot wait until he can play with her. She also is at that stage where she has to touch everything, loves the toilet and the water inside (ewe), the cat food is one of her staples in the major food categories (another ewe), and taking off her diaper or Mason's is a given at least once a day. You just hope that it is not a messy one like the one she took off of Mason today!!! (did I say ewe!) She loves the camera, but is fascinated with the LCD screen on the back and so she would rather see the picture than have the picture taken and then see. She is always running towards me saying see it! see it! Heidi has become quite the little talker over the last 6 months, and with the help of her sisters and the neighbor kids the ask her to say at least 50 different words a day!! She loves all the attention and is now beginning to discover that she wants to do all the things the big kids do! Needless to say we have had a few temper tantrums over having to stay inside or having to take a nap when no one else is etc. Here are a few pictures from her party. This year because of all the craziness that was going on that week, only did a small family party.

The birthday girl in her new swimming suit and all the pretty jewelry that her sisters got for her. She was not excited to have her picture taken.

This was her having cake and a cookie! Yummy! Yummy!

The cake that mom did not make this time around. We were going to get cupcakes, but they did not have any, and then I found this one on the sale rack, and I thought oh she will love this. When I got it home Chad read the description on the cake box and found out that I had bought a cake that had no dairy in it!!! Hummmm. Anyway the kids ate it so I guess it was ok! :)

Heidi posing for her birthday picture!


The Dancing Pen said...

She's so cute!
Let's see... First you did a post about Mason, now Heidi, so next it will be Maddie, then Emma. You work backwards :D

Mike said...

Don't want to have her picture taken? Still cute.

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