Thursday, April 16, 2009

The beach

The kids and I went to the beach today and we took two of the neighbor kids to see the volcano again since it has been a week of bad weather! Today it was 45 degrees and sunny and just absolutely beautiful and the kids loved their time at the beach running in between all the ice that had washed up on shore. Mt. Redoubt has been putting out ash every so often and today it went off again. In the pictures below you can see the cloud of steam coming out. It has been absolutely amazing to be so close to an active volcano and feel no real danger from it. We also have been lucky that the ash fall has been so scarce. Emma, Madison, Katie, and Jordan running down the beach playing in the water already!! Brrr.
Jordan, Madison, and Heidi looking over at the volcano.
One of the bigger ice chunks that was washed ashore!

Madison and Jordan strolling down the beach

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