Saturday, April 18, 2009

One of those days

Every mom has gone through life with one or two or three of those days that you just seem to get nothing done, even though you are trying really hard to get things cleaned up, but you have little helpers who go behind you and make it all messy again! Well we have been having weeks of it. To give you an example of what a day with my little Heidi is like here is how it goes.....
Wake up in the morning and start breakfast, Heidi comes down and tries to get her own yogurt, I help her and have her sit at the table. Emma comes down and lets me know that a piece of glass out of a picture frame has broken so I go up and help her clean and vacuum the mess up. Meanwhile Heidi is bringing up her yogert...Emma is taking away the yogurt but not paying attention dumps it all out on the floor. Get that mess cleaned up and go downstairs to make lunch and clean up dishes, I hear Heidi and Mason laughing and was thinking to myself that it is so fun to hear little kids laugh and play together. Then I hear Mason cry (he is in the swing mind you) so I go and look to see what is wrong and Heidi has taken another yogurt, opened it and smeared it all over herself and all over Mason! I punish little Heidi and then decide to take a picture for the record, because it really is funny, in hindsight, not while I am cleaning up the mess that is everywhere and warrents a bath for two kiddo's and a washing of the swing seat and floor beneath it. Right after lunch I am trying to fold clothes and Chad gets home from working the meal over at camp and Heidi comes into the living room to tell me that he is home....only for me to find out that she has smeared butter all over her face and freshly washed hair!!!!! I told Chad that he had to put her down for a nap because I was ready to explode at that point. So I was able to get about a two hour reprieve before she woke up only to put something else all over her body (I am still trying to figure out what she got into) and dumped Mason's bottle out all over her clean and now folded clothes. After dinner she dummed icecream on her face and on the floor because it slipped and she fell into it, kind of, and spilled her milk all over the floor. That does not count the mud the older kids tracked in from playing out side and Madison taking the towels and wash cloths to the bathroom and letting some of them, clean of course, slip into the toilet only to need washing again. At this point they are all getting ready for bed as I can not handle another mess for the day!

Here is a picture of one of Heidi's escapades!

Mason is crying because he is really miserable and Heidi is still crying from getting her punishment. She was having so much fun though! :)

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Angel said...

WOW!!! I feel for you! What a non-stop day. One day last week Chad was working 18 hrs and the kids "energy" and whining, etc, finally got to me. I texted him and asked "where's the closest bridge?". He asked why and I responded "because I'm headed there now!!!" and he said "that bad, huh?!" haha I can laugh at it now. I hope your week gets better :)