Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Eventful Week

On Sunday it began with several people getting sick, and more people getting sick on Monday and Tuesday the flu. Heidi came down with a fever on Tuesday evening that was 102, but the medicine worked and she was great all night and Wednesday morning. That afternoon however she started getting hotter and more ouchy and right before bed after I had given her motrin for the night we took her temperature because she still felt really hot. The thermometer read 104.5 the first time and the second time it read 104.9!!! We decided it best to take her into the ER and when they took her temp rectally (poor thing) it read 105.3...her file was marked urgent and we were wisked away to the last room available in the ER and the nurse quickly brought her a dose of Tylenol, but it didn't do anything for the fever so they gave her a dose of Motrin and then began the waiting game. The ER was really busy that night, and while we were an urgent case they had so many others as well! There was one kid that had gotten a fishing hook stuck in his jaw and the grandfather decided to cut it (the fish hook) off, but he cut it right at the face so the hook kind of sunk into the skin....and I heard the nurses and doctors talking that that one was going to take a while to get out and restitch up....poor kid. We waited a while and then Heidi was of course tested for swine flu...which is a swab stuck up your nose lightly and another one really small, but deep and extremely uncomfortable. Then we had chest x-rays and a urine test, which they had to cath. her for because she did not pea on her own :(. All the tests came back clear, and after 5 hours of being there (9:15pm-2:15am) and the fever subsided we were relesed and told to watch for a virus that might apear in a few days!! :( Not very comforting knowing that Chad and I were planning on going to Anchorage on Friday for his eye appoitment where they are going to take a few stitches and loosen them and move his cornea around a little just to make sure it is in the most perfect position possible. We had a friend lined up to watch the kids here at home and we were going to get a little shopping in before he had his appoitment and then I was going to drive home while Chad recovered from his little ordeal. Alas Heidi is still a little iffy and Mason has not been feeling we either, and I am extremely fatigued because of so many late nights with Mason and Heidi tag teaming their awakenings throughout the night and then Wednesdays ordeal, I just figured it was best not to go and put whatever may happen with the kids on my friends shoulders. Who knows what else can happen before this week is over!!!
On a side note all the staff that took care of Heidi that evening was the same staff that took care of Mason exactly two weeks earlier at exactly the same time!!! And yes they all recognized me!!! :} Oh boy....we are already becoming aquainted with the emergency room staff on a first name basis. On top of all that my friend also had her baby the same night/morning as we were there and we are so happy for her!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I would say that is an eventful week! I hope everyone is on the mend now, and that you can get some rest:) I'm so glad to hear that Elijah was born too!