Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taking a Break

After 4 weeks of solid swimming lessons we are taking a two week break before we start up again for another two weeks! I felt like we needed to put into practice what the girls were learning before we start another set. Emma is going to be working on her elementary back stroke so we can go in and hopefully get her retested so she can go on to level 4. She has been a little slow at this same thing for the last half a year and I felt we just needed to get her some one on one time and test her out of it to move on. Level 4 groups are generally a lot smaller and she will get a lot more attention that way. My overall goal was to try and get her through all the levels (5 in all) so she can join the swim we will see what will happen.

On another note this is the last week of Lakeside camp and we will have one more for Wagon Train after this but our summer camps are quickly coming to a close. It seems amazing to me that it has gone by so quickly. Now we are getting ready for rental groups and switching to our winter mode, and I am getting ready for another year of homeschooling. The kids seem to be excited about it and tonight they are playing school with some friends!

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