Monday, September 07, 2009

Things of Late

On Friday, Chad, James, George, and Ben were frantically getting all their things stuffed and packed into the vehicle that they were taking north for a 10 day hunting trip. When I say stuff....they literally stuffed it full, and us girls are still not sure how they really got all their belongings into that tight space. I asked Chad if they actually got any big game animals where they were going to put the meat, and he replied that they were building a rack for the top! Their main goal was to duck hunt, but all of them have their tags for moose, caribou, and who knows what they will come home with. At first they were headed to Tok, but once they got there they decided that it would not work for them so they all headed to Delta Junction. I hope that they will have better luck there! :)
So for the rest of our family we started Saturday off by getting the house clean, however by noon I knew that something was not right with Mason. (let me back up) On Friday I was feeding him beans from a soup and he ate them fine...I then put him on the floor and turned my back for one second and he started choking. I picked him up and did the patting on the back and swiping his mouth and all that, I found nothing and he seemed fine after that. Later that night he had found a few marshmallows, thanks to his sisters, but he was choking on them and I thought to myself that there had to be something else down in his throat because he should not be choking on little marshmallows!!! After they came out he was fine, and happy, and he was still drinking his bottle fine so I put him to bed and he slept the night. The next day at about 12pm he ate some cheerios and choked on them so I decided that it was time to go see the doc, because something was just not right. We get to the ER and Mason is alert has 100% oxygen, and is happy and laughing. I am thinking great you are just faking and we are going to have to wait forever because they are not going to believe that you have anything down your throat! After an hour we saw the ER doctor, and he ordered x-rays. When the tech came to take us for the x-rays, I hesitated and told her I was not sure he needed them because he looked fine, and she told me that we did not have to get them and it was our call. I decided that since she was already there we might as well just to make sure, and sure enough he had swallowed another penny!! The OR doc was called and we went down and got his penny removed! The doctor wrote in his notes that for Mason's diet he could have all normal food, but pennies were strictly forbidden!!! The staff at the hospital is getting to know me well and I am sure that this is not the last time we will be there to see them! 3 times in 7 weeks is enough for me, and I am just hoping that we are incident free for the rest of Chad's absence!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad he's okay! Whew! Hopefully that will be his last trip to the ER for a long time:)