Thursday, September 03, 2009

Field Trip to Spencer Glacier...A Whistle Stop!

On Tuesday I took Emma and Madison and our friend Gideon on a field trip with the homeschool group. We took a train from Portage Glacier train station to the "whistle stop" at Spencer Glacier (Alaska is one of the only if not the only state that lets you do these stops along the track to get off and then be picked up again when the train passes bye again.) We then walked 1.3 miles out to the glacier with a Forest Ranger as our guide. We stopped periodically for him to talk about where the galcier had been 100+ years ago and signs in nature that help them to track when the ice moved out. There were some other people that took a raft trip from Spencer Lake on the Placer River and when we got back to the train a few miles down the track we stopped again and picked them up! There is also a group camping site that you can reserve and camp at and some other trails that get closer to the glacier. Lots of fun things to ponder and definately want to try sometime in the future!

Remember that you are only looking at 10% of this iceburg!!! No the lake did not look that deep at all but they said that it was at least 100 feet deep!

I had to choose the best of four pics that we took because at least one of us was always closing our eyes!!! Madison was doing it on purpose so she is stuck with this picture! :)


The Dancing Pen said...

Wow that looks like so much fun! I kind-of wish I had gone but I'm still saving my train ride... The picture of you and the girls is good (but your right it would be better if she was opening her eyes).

The Dancing Pen said...

Thankyou so much for posting the pictures! Gideon was happy to get to show them to us and explain what everything was. You should have heard him tell about you leaning out the train window to get the pic of the rest of the train. Glad you had fun.

Oh, and the guide "only had a can of pepper spray!" Next time the moms will have to take their own guns.


the snyders said...

I was not too worried....our group was really big! Besides they told us to huddle into a big I would have made sure we were in the middle! :)