Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Camping at Anchor Point, AK

Sunday evening our friends and us went camping! The weather finally cleared up enough for us to head out for an evening. This campground is right on the beach and so we had fun playing down there,discovering new creepy crawlies (baby shrimp hidden under rocks), finding sea shells and crab shells, taking home rocks for our gardens, and the general splashing in the water! We had hot dogs for dinner and hot chocolate for dessert (yes, we skipped the smores this time around :)). For most of us it was a restful night as most of the kids did really well sleeping in a new place, but for Mason he is still quite certain that he is not a camper!!! Again Chad drove him around off an on all night long, which I told him that if he would just let me drive around I might not be as inclined to think that camping with Mason is still fun! He drove anyway and we made it through the night with at least a little sleep. The kids road their bikes around the campground and had a great time. We are all ready to do it again soon....but this time we will let Mason stay at home, maybe with a sitter or with daddy! :)

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