Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trip to Anchorage and Hope, AK

On Tuesday the kids and I headed to Anchorage to get Mason's Social Security card straightend out. Out time in Anchorage was less than 3 hours and we had lots of time before dinner time so on the way home we stopped in spots that we don't normally stop at. On the highway on the Turnagain Arm there is a little alcove that has waterfalls and big trees with big roots and branches all around, so we stopped there and played for about 15 minutes....of course getting some pictures! Then we headed on down the road and when we reached the Hope Jct. we turned and went the 17 miles down that road. We were actually going to meet a friend there and camp over night, but that was canceled due to sick kids and another engagement that they had to be at. So the kids and I went to scope out the campground that we want to stay at and see the town of Hope! the scenery is beautiful and we are excited to go camping there sometime. The campground is right along the ocean on the other side of Turnagain Arm so we could see the cars along the highway way off in the distance. The town of Hope is really neat as well with lots of old buildings a few campgrounds lots of trails to hike on and white water rafting if you feel up to it!

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