Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Emma is 7

Emma had the privilage to have two parties this year. One at home with just our family and one a couple of days later with her friends! For the second birthday party we played in the hay tunnel and then Chad led the kids on a scavenger hunt to find all the plates, forks, hats, and a special surpise at the end before they ended up at the Wagon Train Cafe for cake and opening presents. Then after that Chad went outside with the kids and lead a few games of kick the can! The mom's got to stay inside and keep warm by the fire, and we were all appreciative! I think Emma had a wonderful time, although I think one of the biggest highlights was being able to get her ears peirced! She was so brave, and didn't shed a tear....even laughed while they did it, and now has pretty blue earings to show for it. So some of her presents were new earings and she is having a hard time waiting for the 6 weeks to be up so she can start wearing all of them.

Emma and Jordan were more interested in roping the fake cows than entering the hay tunnel at the time.
Mason got into the festivities too!
The kids examining all the candy that is in their bags!!!!
Emma opening a present from Jordan. She absolutely loved everything she got!
I made two cakes this year because of the amount of kids......this year Emma wanted flowers and a rainbow. I remeber when I was her age that I wanted the same thing with a pond and a deer. I will have to make my mom dig up that picture so I can share it with you.

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