Saturday, October 24, 2009


I have not posted anything for a while now, not that I ment to go this long, but with school and other things happening I have just not sat down to take the time. I had done a new entry but found that I had put it on my other blog by mistake and then I deleted it before remembering that I could cut and all that work went away! :( We have been busy with school, and awanas and my bible study (we are studying a book on James), and walking outside because it is still so beautiful for this time of year etc. This week is no exception with 4 parties including Emma's birthday party, and a bible study and a luncheon that I am hosting with some friends, my week is overflowing! I am happy because I enjoy visiting with people and having friends over, but then you throw this homeschool thing in with it and sometimes I get a little overwhelmed, like I am not doing enough or I am not a good enough teacher, and the housework gets a little behind and it all snowballs in my face! With that being said here are some pictures of our carved pumpkins that have already bit the dust :). They were cute anyway.

Emma carved the first one, Madison the second, and I carved the last (even though it was Heidi's she didn't really care!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,

If it works out sometime in the next two weeks I'd still love to do brunch.