Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meteor Shower Leonites

While I copied this photo, and could not capture one of my own, I have the memories from this early morning adventure with my two oldest girls! I woke them up at about 12am and we got ready and went outside at around 12:15am, but the trees in our yard did not permit us to see very much, and since it was -5 below zero, we came in to warm up got some tea, and sat around the fire for a few minutes. While we did this I showed them some pictures of what the shower would most likely look like and some of the constellations around leo so we had some reference points to look at. Then we jumped in the car and drove down to wagon train turned the car due east and sat there waiting for the shower to begin!!! By 1am we had each seen 2 or more and so I am calling it a night! If we actually wake up at 5am I might try and see some more since that is when it peaks and they are predicting hundreds to fall then, but I highly doubt that I will :). This is definately a night to remember, again we get the privilage of God's amazing creation right at our fingertips.



Very cool! I too went out this morning to see God's show and I was blessed to spot seven from 4:45 to 5:40am. Two of the Leonites were very bright and glowed an aqua blue with little tales trailing behind for a few seconds.

How beautiful that you were able to share those moments with your daughters.

Crystal said...

I almost picked this background.