Friday, February 26, 2010

We'll Try This Again

Well a few days ago I had written a post and thought that it was posted, only to find out that I think that I forgot to hit the publish post button so it didn't actually get posted! It basically went like this:
My parents came for a visit last week, arriving on the 12th of Februaury. We had talked a little with them before hand to see if they were willing to help lay new flooring in the downstairs portion of our house and they said they were. So on Saturday morning we ripped out the carpet, and got half the living room flooring installed before we quit for the day. The next morning my mom woke up with the flu and was out the entire day, and not quite herself on Monday. My dad layed all of the living room and most of the dining room, and we finished up the kitchen on Monday. Took Emma to swim team practice and then I felt icky the rest of the evening. The next day we tried to move some of the furniture back into place and clean up a little, but I did not have enough energy to do very much. On Tuesday we got all the finishing trim put in and then Mason got the flu :(. Wednesday we started to pull out the old lanolium and scrapping it off with small tools down to the concrete, did some stuff together as a family and stayed home from all the kids usual activities like swimming and awanas, just because we are gone every evening with something! On Thursday we finished scrapping the stuff off the floor so our new tile could be put down. That morning Chad came down with the flu and by evening Heidi started in, followed by Emma and an early morning appearance by Madison. Each kid had their own bowl and we all layed down stairs for less chance of a mess. It was a long night, and we had unhooked our washer and dryer so we could put our new tile in so we were without that for 5 days! Not good when your whole family has the flu let me tell you! On Friday all the kids and Chad slept most of the day, my mom and dad put in the tile, and camps womens retreat started. We had an amazing speaker "Sue Thomas" and it was a wonderful weekend. On Saturday mom and dad were supposed to leave for home, but my dad held out till the end to catch the flu and so they postponed their flying until Monday morning so he would not be so sick on the plane! I was so thankful for that extra day becuase I felt like we actually visited and played a little bit. I am so thankful for the work that they did....I will post pictures a little bit later. For now we are trying to get back into our routine and stay healthy. The kids still complain of sore stomachs every now and then. Emma made swim practice every night this week and is improving every day. Now for a little sleep! :)

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