Saturday, April 10, 2010

Eye Appat.

On Wednesday, April 7th, the whole family loaded up in the car and headed to Anchorage for an eye appointment for Chad. We went to a few stores and ate lunch before making our way to his appointment. It usually is about an hour long and I like to take the kids for a walk during that time, since there is a great path to walk on just a few blocks away. We dropped Chad off and headed down the road. They just happened to be moving cars around on the railroad tracks next to the trail and the kids were enthrauled with that! The engine was right next to us at one point and the conductor blew the horn and the bell for them. I knew it was coming, but Mason did not of course and it scared him so bad he fell over!! Poor little guy.....he was not fond of the horn, but the rest of the kids thought it was cool! Mason was getting a little cold so we headed back to the car and seeing as it was only like 20-40 min. before Chad usually gets done, I sat in the car with the kiddos instead of traveling anywhere around town. Allas it was an hour and 15 minutes later before Chad made it outside to us again, because they took pictures of his eye to see how it was doing, and they pulled 17 of 28 stitches out. Needless to say that has still caused great amounts of pain. :( We had dinner at our favorite spot (the Moose's Tooth) before heading home.

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