Saturday, April 03, 2010

Heidi Turns 3

Heidi had a wonderful 3rd birthday! She had her friends over and then two of them spent the night. The bigger girls were a little mad and jealous because their friends were not allowed to spend the night too :) They had so much fun though and all slept very well! I can not believe that three years has gone by so fast! Here are a few pictures of her growing up! Thank you Heidi for all your hugs, smiles and kisses.....We all love you so much.

Heidi at 6 months old
Danny, Heidi, and Tomi hanging out on the swings last summer!
Her Caterpillar I made (stole the idea from a friend!) for her cake.

Here are all the kids that hang out at the house! We are only missing two in the picture, but the rest were having fun eating cake!!! :)

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