Sunday, April 11, 2010


It is April now and we are wishing for spring showers to bring May flowers, but instead we are getting snow. I really don't mind the snow as much as the thawing of all the snow that makes the mud that lasts for months. Even the mud itself is not that bad if it stayed put, but it keeps creeping in my house by the little feet and bodies that bring them in!!! In the last week I have to give my little boy a bath at least three times a day becuase of how fast he wallows in the mud! So even though I am Alaskan and should expect this weather in April (as it is our spring showers :)) I am really ready for sun and May flowers!


Traci Michele said...

Awww! Beautiful pictures. Hope you get some Spring soon.

Come check out the SPRING CLEANING part-ay...

Got any advice to share?


Anonymous said...

Great post Steph.