Friday, April 16, 2010

Six for Tea

Today Emma and Madison wanted to invite their friends for tea.  They helped me clean and picked out what to have for food, and helped make the tea!  All the girls had a wonderful time, and as you can see they loved the cupcakes that we had :).  Now they are playing well together and it has just been a "lovely" afternoon!

I must say as these six girls grow up that it will be more and more fun to listen in on their tea conversation.  They are lucky to be so close to each other.


Anonymous said...

I am inspired. I think we are going to have to start dressing better for our teas.

I was just thinking how fun it will be to watch the girls one by one start joining in our grown up conversations as they get closer to their teen years.


Tracey said...

How sweet! My two daughters are nine and seven and they just made a "tea" for me this afternoon. What fun! :)