Sunday, July 11, 2010

Adventure Trip #4 to Cannery Road Beach and Kenai Landing

Well, it has been a while since my friends and I have had one of our little adventures, partly because of my family stuff, but also because of the less than appealing weather.  There is just not any motivation to go and hike with kids that are already about to break down when the weather is also "breaking down!!"  While the rain is really good for the land and it keeps our fire danger down, which is important.  So today was our first day of full sun all day in a long long time, basically since our last trip! 
So Crystal got home and let her kids play outside instead of napping, and I told my kids that we were going to the beach and of course they wanted the neighbors to come and in 20 minutes we had decided to go and left.  That is 11 kids and 2 adults ready to go in 20 minutes!!!! That never happens :)  , but today the sun was out and we were ready to be gone! 
We had a wonderful time playing on the beach, and the kids loved splashing around in the water.  The waves were unusally big for here which made it even more fun for the kids to play.  We were concerned for the little ones just because the current was pretty strong and it was easily knocking them down.  After a few hours at the beach we headed to the Kenai Landing, which was the old cannery 50 or so years ago.  They have turned many of the buidings into sleeping quarters and there is a few shops and a resturant there.  We walked around and took in the scenery and stopped for a few photo ops too!

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