Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hammerman Triathlon

Today Crystal and I went to Anchorage, leaving here at 5:30am, to participate in the Xterra Hammerman Triathlon.  Being and xterra race the mountain biking was a treacherous 13 mile bike with lots of grueling hills and single track!  The run was 4 miles, which was Crystal's protion, and was also that way with huge hills that you almost have to climb on all fours to get to the top!  I did the swim portion, which was 1/2 a mile of lake swimming.  I had a wonderful time, and enjoy doing this tri with a team because I am not comfortable at all with doing the mountain biking portion!  The Triathlon had about 200 participants and 13 teams, and our team was 9th.  The first teams that took off were top athletes at what they do, and they were some of the first people to get through the whole corse, so even though we were 9th we were all happy with our times, and our placing!

Little Cambell Lake is where we started the race.  As you see above this is the swim corse, out and back!
                                                    Gathering for final race instructions

                           They had us swim into a group and then we did a mass start in the water!
                  Elijah, Crystal's youngest, was our team cheerer! Although he slept most of the race! :)
                                               Crystal waiting for Regina, our biker, to get back
                                                                 Here comes Regina!!!
Crystal at the finish line!

Our team, Soldotna Sole Survivors
Regina, Me, and Crystal

This is some of my tri training buddies!  The first picture is Tony coming in from his bike, and the other is Cassie in Transition from bike to run.
This is our fearless leader Angie, right after she finished the race, and the other is Gretchen, Janette, and Sandy waiting to start the race.

This is half of this years Triathlon Training group....the other half either left early or did not do this race.
Tobin, Ricky, Will, Me, Tony
Sandy, Angie, Janette, and Gretchen

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