Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lake Swimming

My friends came over and had tea this afternoon, and then later in the evening we did another lake swim. This time we were not able to get in the lake until after 10:30pm and we were in until 11:15!  I also took Emma and Madison, who were spent the next day, but had lots of fun with us as well.  I fully intend to go again this evening....and hopefully as much as possible until I leave in mid August.  Right now the temp. of the lake is in the low 50's and I am starting to see the heat rising from the lake, which is a bad sign for me! :) 

I love swimming in the lake because it has such a calming effect on me, and I love the peacefulness of it.  Some people might say it is a little crazy due to the temperatures but they don't bother me much.  I find it a great time of reflection and rejuvenation! I don't know if my friends feel the same, but they do keep coming with me every so often, so it cannot be too bad. :)

Mushroom mixture in phyllo dough! Was simply divine!
Jen, Liz, Farrah, and me :)  Pre swim!
Our (camp) Lake
Emma and Madison testing the waters!
Emma a little cold after the swim.  Madison was shivering before she got in....poor thing!

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