Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swim Meet #2

Today the kids and I spent 8 hours at the pool.  Luckily my friend Liz took Mason and Heidi for 2 1/2 of those hours, but still it was an extremely stressful day.  At about 10:45 the fire alarm went off.  We all filed outside.....swimmers were stopped mid race.....and we had to stand outside for 20 minutes while we waited for the firemen to "clear" the school building.  What was bad was that they had to get the fire truck out of the parade that was in progress to come over to the school!  I knew the guy who was driving as well as his kids who were riding with him!  We were finally let back into the school and the swimmers began to warm  up and the racing continued on again.  Emma had a wonderful meet and placed first in one of her races (She was the only swimmer....but I am still proud:) )!!!!  The cool thing is that you get a little rubber duck if you finish first in your race, so she was able to get one of those as well!  Heidi and Mason were tired cranky and did not want to sit still at this point and while I was getting Mason a drink the fire alarm went off for the second time!!!  Imagine my horror when a little boy comes up to me and said " that little girl is the one who did it," as he points to Heidi!  My heart sunk into my stomach I was so embarrassed.  My friend had brought a playpen and I stuck both kids in it and told them to play quietly.  I think they took one look at my face and knew I was going to explode if they messed around, so they were pretty good the rest of the time.
Anyway here is a few pictures of our excitement as well as a video of one of Emma's races.