Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Russian River Falls Trail-Mountain Bike Ride 7/25/10

On Sunday, some of my triathlon training friends and I went up to Russian River Falls Trail to do a 27 mile loop on our mountain bikes.  However the wind and the rain that were pounding the car on the way up deterred us from doing the whole bike, so we did part of it.  We went to Russian river falls, and then up the trail a few more miles before we turned around due to the tall grass, almost zero trail visibility, and the while the rain was not falling it had been there and made the grass all wet which in turn made us all wet because we were brushing up against it!  What a great experience though!!!  I would never have tried mountain biking on a trail like that if it were not for the group I was with, and that is why I like it so much.  They push me to do things that I might not ever do otherwise.  (first 5 photos courtesy of Tony Oliver, because I stupidly left my camera in the car!)
Janette and Gretchen
Regina, Me, Lizzie, Alice, and Cassie

Angie, Gretchen, Scott, Regina, Me, and Lizzie...and part of Janette on the left :)
Headed back down
A bear has left his mark on this tree!
Cassie, Angie (our fearless leader), and Tony

                                       Russian River overflow parking lot looking up at the mountian :)

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