Monday, September 13, 2010

Yellowstone National Park Trip #1

Today the kids and I took a trip to Yellowstone.  We went through the west entrance and headed toward Old Faithful.  We stopped at a couple of gyesers along the way, which the kids loved, except for the stinky rotten egg smell! :)  The colors of the gyesers really are amazing, and the steam that blew on us during the afternoon walks were just like a steam bath, which I enjoyed, but the kids not so much.  We then headed to Yellowstone Lake, and then to the canyon area wher the upper and lower falls are located.  The rock in that area was so colorful, as you will see in the pictures.  This is why I love to travel!! God's creation is so amazing and I feel blessed that I can share it with the kids, and use it for object lessons in school.  His creation is amazing!

Emma is holding her paper that the park ranger gave all the kids to help them find the animals that are located in the park.  When they saw one of the animals on the paper they would circle it!

the orange stuff is bacteria that is growing!

This one was actually erupting while we were walking by.  We got a little wet!

Mason's mood for half the day!

Mason was more than happy to take over the driving for me...or so he thought!

Yellowstone Lake

Playing in Yellowstone Lake

Look....It's a herd of buffalo!

Upper Canyon Falls

the gorge below the falls

Lower Canyon Falls

See the little speck....that is an elk! 

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Crystal said...

Awsome pictures. It looks like you had a great day.