Friday, October 08, 2010

Cherry Creek Trail

Today I wanted to take the kids for a little hike, which really was a little walk, and so we ended up choosing the trail called Cherry Creek.  It is just outside of town and the path wanders around a couple of ponds that have ducks and geese in them, as well as green and purple slime and snails.  The kids were very excited to find snails, but the shells were mostly empty.  I guess that is why they were floating on the top of the water, which you will see in one of the pictures below!  We also took a couple of paths that led to the river and so we had the pleasure of some bushwacking.  Some of the grass we walked through was about 6 feet tall, which made it really fun for the kids to run long as we could still hear them! :)  We ended up hiking a little over 2 miles and it was just perfect for the kids!

The fence which we passed through to get to the trail

See the white round things in the middle....those are snails!  See the green stuff....that is green mossy slime, that I had to stick my hand in and pick out those little snail shells!   :)

Emma holding her prized possesion, when a little visitor popped out of the shell!  We are not quite certain what the little creature was, but we will be doing more research on it to be sure.

In great contemplation over the river!

Sharing the boardwalk

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Anonymous said...

looks like a perfect walk/hike. I love your new header!