Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bozeman to Idaho Oct. 17-19

Day 1 did not start as well as we had hoped, as we were trying to get out of Bozeman around 9am.  It was a little rainy and cold as we packed, and repacked.  We decided to go get the kids each individual bags for their clothes instead of one bag for all so that took some time.  At noon we were ready to go, but since it was lunch time we stayed and had lunch with my family before hitting the road.  We left at 1pm and made it to Nampa, ID at 10pm  with just a few stops along the way.  The kids finally went back to bed at 11:30, and we all slept until 8!  On Monday we went for a tour of MAF given by my aunt and uncle and then my aunt and the kids and I went for a walk to the park.  After lunch Uncle Tim took the girls on a 3 mile hike and Chad, Mason, Aunt Kay, and I went to Cabelas to get a car top carrier so we would have a little more room in the car.  Today we are out to have lunch with Sarah, a longtime friend from alaska, and then we are headed to Hermiston, OR for a few days.  So I will leave you to look at our last couple of days adventures to look through.

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are awesome, I love seeing Madison with another bug and Heidi looks too adorable in those big glasses.