Monday, November 08, 2010

Headed to Santa Cruz and Mount Hermon

On Sunday morning the 31st of October, we woke up and headed for Half Moon Bay.  We stopped here and had some fun playing in the most amazing, soft, and fluffy sand.  We watched the surfers and played in the water and sand for a while before heading further down the coast.  We have been so lucky with the weather because many times they call for cooler cloudy days and we end up with beautiful sunny warm days, much to Chad's dismay, for he is ready for cold and snow.  We stopped and saw a lighthouse, had lunch, and then headed for Ano Nuevo point where we could view the Elephant Seals.  We had a wonderful time walking out the 2 miles to view the seals, but Heidi and Mason grew a little tired, and so the walk back was not so much fun.  Chad wore sandles with no support and over half the trail was soft sand which gave him nasty blisters, for which he is now a little angry with me over...:).  Anyway the seals were so much fun to watch as they bantered back and forth, and we had a few sunbathing right in front of us.  The hike took a lot longer than expected and so our arrivel at Mount Hermon was later than we were planning.  We stopped for groceries and dinner in Santa Cruz before heading 7 miles up the mountain to Mount Hermon.  We were given a wonderful 4 bedroom 2 bath cottage to stay in for the two nights we were there, and we pretty much plunked our belongings down and crashed into bed because we were all so tired from our days adventures! 

This was on the way out to see the seals and about Mason's nap you can see he was a little wiped out!  I had already carried him for most of the way, but that did not seem to help him any!!! Poor little boy.

there were hundreds (about 400) of seals down at this point and it was fun to watch them fight with each other!

More sunset pictures!  Headed to Santa Cruz

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