Monday, November 08, 2010

On Towards Yosemite....Or So We Thought

We were able to depart by 8:30am and headed for Yosemite.  We went through the communities around Lake Tahoe and took lots of pictures of the lake!  We headed through the mountains and into Nevada City, Nevada.  As we continued to drive south we suddenly saw a sign that had flashing lights and as we passed it I happened to look just in time to see what seemed like the road we wanted to take and it had said closed.  I had Chad turn around so we could check the sign out and much to my dismay they had indeed closed the road due to snow the night before.  We headed back into town and took the nearest road back over the Sierra Nevada's into California and decided to head to the coast a day early.  We stayed the night in Forest City, and then drove down highway 1 the next day.

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe

Driving towards Yosemite

cool building in a town :)

this is where we stopped to view the sign that said the road was closed.  At least the scenery was pretty.

back into town to take hwy 88 over the mountians

this is when we started running into the snow that had fallen in Yosemite the night before....

back on the other side of the mountain in CA the apple groves were fun to see with groomed ground underneath!
looking up towards San Fransisco

Our beautiful hotel rooms

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