Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our drive through New Mexico and into Texas, Stopping at Balmorhea

We had a long drive of 400 miles today.  We were on the interstate the whole way so it made for a faster trip.  All through New Mexico it was flat with the occational orchard or cotton field, which surprised me, I had no idea that those two things were grown in this part of the country!  The new things you learn every day!!  When we drove into Texas it was somewhat of a culture shock.  Border patrol were all over along the highway, and having every vehicle stopped to be questioned was quite the experience!  Other than the mountains in the distance, there was not a whole lot the Western side of Texas.  We did see lots of ranches that were set up for guided hunting, and all Chad could do was cry....just a little.  We reached Balmorhea and stayed in a cute, and wonderful little hotel, and ate at an awesome authentic mexican restraunt!!!  Then we watched some tv and slept!  On a side note the shower was a rain shower and Chad fell in love :)  and so did the kids.  It was a good day! LOL

loved the wide open spaces and rusty old things randomly found along the road

those moutains are in Mexico!

there may not be many mountains, but the sure looked rugged

I was trapped at the trading post by my children, and bought them each a doll.  Best 15.00 I have ever spent! :)

We made it into Texas!
The city of El Paso


We were going to camp here but the sign said we need a permit so we stayed at a lovely hotel instead.

                                                      Our hotel room and the courtyard

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