Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A drive through Texas

Sunday morning the 7th of November we began our journey toward San Antonio, but instead of taking I-10 We took a route a little less traveled.  At Fort Stockton we headed south to Sanderson and then Southeast to Del Rio before heading on to San Antonio.  The day was warm and sunny and along with interesting scenery and lots of border patrol.  We also had to stop at a place where the border patrol was inspecting each car with a dog before we could head on our.  The closer we got to San Antonio the more trees we started to see, and more farm ground.  Much to Chad's dismay, there also happened to be a lot of private hunting places that you could book hunts at and are basically garunteed an animal of some sort! 

you could basically see Mexico from where we were driving, and with that came lots of border patrol.

there were a lot of abandonded buildings

El Peso river

Seminol Canyon: looked like it was a beautiful place but the hike had to be guided and was over 6 miles long so that was pretty much out.

Crossing the Rio Grande

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