Monday, January 17, 2011

From Georgia to Jacksonville, NC Dec.7th

Tuesday morning, much to the sadness of Chris and Marissa and kids, we left Georgia and headed to North Carolina to see friends from Alaska that had been stationed  there.  The day was going to be a long 7 hour drive and almost 400 miles, but I was determined to get to Myrtle Beach just to see what the excitement was about this part of the coast! :)  Chad grumbled a little....we were off the blue roads again and back on my favorite, the red roads, and also we are going out of the way just a little, just for a beach.  This little detour was worth it though.  Because the weather was a little windy and a little cold....the girls and I did not spend more than 15 minutes out on the beach, but in those 15 minutes we were able to see a sea urchin, a star fish, a jelly fish, and several crabs!!  What a great opportunity for science lessons' today!  The girls have been enamored with all the wildlife that we have come across on the beaches here, and the difference from our own beaches in Alaska.  The town of Myrtle Beach looked like a fun place to be during the summer when things are open, and we made a mental note to try and make a trip back there someday!  On we drove to Jacksonville, North Carolina where we reached our friends the Ranson's at around 6pm.  Their oldest daughter is 2 months older than Mason, and they both happened to have the same pj's so the pictures were twice as cute! :)  We had a great time with them, and Chad was even allowed to go to the base and tour where Matt was working, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  We also made plans to meet up with them again when we came back to NC for our week long stay at the outer banks.

Myrtle Beach

Emma and Madison's feet :)

Sea Urchin

Star Fish, missing a leg :(


entering Jacksonville, NC

Mason and Scout

Heidi and Scout watching a movie together


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