Friday, January 14, 2011

Tybee Island

After we went to Fort Pulaski we continued on to Tybee Island to have lunch, play on the beach, and to visit the marine science center there.  It was interesting to sit in a restaurant and have people look at us just a little funny with 8 kids two moms and Chad.  We all made it through lunch though and headed out to the beach.  I don't know if you have heard of the movie "The Last Song" or have seen it, but it was filmed on this island, which is always a little cool to see things that you have seen in a movie.  We played on the beach for a while, but the kids were getting a little too close to the water for comfort and it was only 40 degrees so we did not want them to get soaking wet, so we headed up to the marine center.  There the kids had so much fun putting their hands in the touch station, touching hermit crabs, snails, star fish, and other little creatures that live in the ocean around there.  They were also able to see a baby crocidile and turtles.  Over all it was a very rewarding day and we all had a wonderful time! 

this is the vollyball net that was shown on the movie!

we were able to watch the dolphins play out in the ocean!

the touch tank!

In order Mason, Chad, Liam, Heidi, Madison, Kessed, Emma, Anastasia, and Temperance

Kessed, Liam, Heidi, Emma, Temperance, Anastasia, Madison, and Mason

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