Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fort Pulaski

On Monday December 6, Marisa and her 4 kids along with Chad and I and our kids all headed to Fort Pulaski.  We gave the kids a little history leason on the Civil War and how the Confederate army controlled this Fort until the Union army attacked it and within 30 hours had it under their control. This attack changed the history of how forts were built because most up to this point were built out of brick, and after the attack on Fort Pulaski not another Fort was built from brick! The new technology of the day proved its superiority to brick forts, for the Union army used rifled cannons to break through the wall  and cause the Confederate army to surrender.  This all happened April 10 and 11, 1862.  We were able to see how life might have been there before and after the attack.  We went in underground tunnels and toured the top of the fort walls as well.  It was well worth the time we spent there, and the kids had a lot of fun seeing the cannons! 

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