Wednesday, January 12, 2011


 We arrived at Fort Stewart Georgia on Friday evening and moved all our belonings into our friends, Chris and Marisa's, house had dinner and visited late into the night while the kids played.  That night I became sick with nasty stomach pains and nausea, so for the entire day of Saturday I splent it laying in bed, while everyone else visited and waited for me to feel better.  On Sunday Marisa and I left the guys with all 8 kids and we headed to Savannah for the day.  What an amazing place full of historical buildings!  I could have spent much more time there stopping to take pictures of everything that came in sight, but I only the day, so we spent time along the river and went into several shops.  We ate at the Cotton Exchange, where our waiter almost gagged because I asked for their unsweetened tea.  They did offer it though so I don't know what the problem was!!!  The candy stores were amazing and we were able to sample their freshly made candied pecans!!!  One of the best things I have tasted in my life, along with my first experience tasting gelato!!!  I had such a good time with Marisa and it was nice to talk without the kids interrupting.  We had a lovely afternoon!

there were at least 3 layers of steps on many of the stairs that we walked on!

The old Cotton Exchange building

this house was built in 1815

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