Monday, January 10, 2011

Orlando, Crystal River, and visiting the Peroni's Nov. 27- Dec. 3rd

We did not do the expected while we were in Orlando.  We missed out on all the Disney parks, partly due to lack of planning, and a lot to do with money!  Disney is a really really expensive place to go!!!  Next time we plan on doing some of it but will shop for deals months in advance!  That said we still had a wonderful time and our room was awesome!!  Madison came down with the flu the first night we were there, so she missed out on the first day of swimming.  Luckily she was the only one that got sick and we all went swimming together the next day.  The resort that we stayed at had 9 different pools with slides, waterfalls, water shooting up through the floor, kiddy pool, and regular pools!  We spent one day driving to Crystal River to visit one of Chad's cousins and his family and had a wonderful homecooked fish feast!!  On a nother day we headed to our friends the Peroni's and then to Hanson's for dinner and dessert!  The kids truely enjoyed playing with kids their own age for the first time since we left Alaska.  We had fun catching up with our friends and the kids played late into the evening.  Florida was a beautiful place and I look forward to coming back to explore it some more!

Headed to Crystal River

Looking out to the Ocean in Crystal River

looking out our room window at one of the lakes and pools at the resort

The master bedroom, tub, and bathroom!  The kids also had a seperate bedroom and bathroom, and then the living room and dinning room and kitchen were combined!  Very nice indeed :)

The outside of our building

the kids jumping on the Peroni's trampoline

Mason so happy to play with big toys!

The whole family played miniture golf and we had lots of fun!  Even Mason tried to golf LOL

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