Monday, January 10, 2011

Wauchula, FL

From Alabama, we headed to Wauchula Florida, which is in the middle of the state.  Florida is surprisingly big, and it took us about 7 hours to reach our destination!  Chad spoke at our friends bible study that night and we had great time spending time with Deloris.  The girls absolutely loved her and had so much fun riding on her golf cart around the retirement community!  Mason was not sure at first so he ended up getting a private ride which of course he loved!  We only spent the one night in Wauchula before heading up to Orlando where we had rented a room for a week.  I must say the scenery that we saw while driving through Florida was not what I expected.  I was picturing lots of palm trees and tropical plants and to my surprise there was a lot of pine trees!  Another thing that surprised me was all the farms,  I don't know what I was thinking....maybe it was all supposed to be fruit groves....but there were lots of  horses and stables like you would see in Kentucky, and ranches like we saw in Texas.  So these pictures are what we saw as we drove to Wauchula.

Suwannee River.....I guess I just thought it was cool :)  Like the old song....but I always thought that it was the swannee river.  I guess I was wrong!

I have to say that the oranges that we had in Florida were no match to the California oranges.  Not as sweet, but that could also be because they were not quite in season yet either.

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