Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Staying in Churchville and Stauntan Dec 9th-12th

Churchville, VA is quite the historical spot, well actually all of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Vargina, etc.  are full of historical significance, and the buildings were so much fun for me to see.  As you all know I love old buildings, barns, sites etc, and this place had a plethera of them!!!  Most of these pictures are taken in the town of Stauntan, VA where some of the buildings date back to the revolutionary war!  Our time with the Yoders was exciting as we had our 4 kids and they have their 4 boys, + one on the way, all the same age as our kids!  It was noisy, crazy, and sometimes caotic, but the kids all had a great time playing together.  Amy and I went shopping and then on another day I went by myself, and Chad did the speaking on Sunday before we took off for NC again!  The sad thing is, I only took pictures outside and did not get any of the Yoder family!!!  I am terrible I know :)

This was the old hospital dating back to the 1700's, the city is in the process of restoring to its origianl grandure


entrance to the cemetary that was dated pre civil war

these buildings were also being restored.  It is believed that they were used for the generals during the Revolutionary War

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