Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Christmas Celebration

We made it to Sean and Hollie's house and unloaded our stuff for the last time, at least for a couple of weeks!  They remodled the upstairs of their house so that there were two bedrooms.  Chad and I had one and the kids had the other.  It turned out to be a double blessing for them, as they found out that they were having twins in August!  So now they have finished rooms for them as well. 
The next weekend was Christmas and the kids had a blast getting to open presents at two different times.  Once at Sean and Hollie's and another time at their Snyder Grandparents house!!!  The cousins were also their to share in the excitement, and fun was had by all!  Grandpa Bob did very well concidering he had surgery the week before.  He is healing and getting around quite nicely and making sure that everyone is filled with cookies!!!  During the week the kids were able to get outside for a day of playing in the snow, and for once it did not blow us across the yard!!!

Mason being mentored by Uncle Sean on how to be a superhero

Mason running around the house with his hands in the air like he is flying pretending to be superman!

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