Friday, February 04, 2011

Staying in Ohio January 2011

Our days in Ohio were spent working on school with the kids, visiting lots of friends and family, and spending time at the coffee shop working on the internet and drinking coffee!  Many days were windy, and every few days it seemed like we were getting just a little more snow!  We, and by we I mean Chad, spoke at a few churches, while I looked on as the supportive wife! :)  I don't like public speaking very well in a large group setting, so these situations I am always happy to pass along to my husband as the "MAN'S" role.  He he.  He is usually conspiring with others to get me up on stage, but so far I have been on the winning side of that battle.  We are so thankful, and blessed by the people that we like to call our friends, as they surround us with love and generosity.  God is good, and has given us so much to be thankful for, and our hearts are overflowing with gratefulness!
A major praise, was the donation of money given to camp, by my parents, to purchase an enclosed tandem axle trailer and replace camps' old baggage trailer   With that donation, we are able to haul up a trailer full or personal items that we wanted to bring home with us, like my grandmothers piano so the kids finally have a piano and can take lessons, or a desk that I found for homeschooling, and numerous other things. 
One of the things I enjoyed, and always have about the area Chad grew up in, was the old barns that dot the countryside!  I have lots of pictures that I will post a little later. 
As our time there came to a close, and we scrambled to load the trailer, we saw the "BIG" storm coming that was about to hit 39 states, and we only hoped that it was going to be staying south long enough for us to make it through to my Aunts house in Nebraska. We said our tearful goodbye's and hopped into the car for another  12 hour day of driving. 

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