Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Barns of Ohio and Indiana

So this is more of the countryside and not just of barns but I love them all the same.  These are all picture taken during our stay in Ohio, and the last one was taken the morning we left for Nebraska.  Just 10 hours or so later the storm that hit 39 states would be upon that area.  How quickly things change, has always amazed me when it comes to weather! 

This is the truck that belonged to Chad's grandfather, and was sold out of the family.  While Chad was here he found it and his dad purchased it, and now it is back in the family, which makes Chad a happy man!  He loves that truck so very much, and I have to admit that I think it is pretty cool as well. :)

This is one of the buildings from the story of the Girl of the Limberlost.  True story that was made into a book and then a movie.  Took place by Berne, IN.

The girls went out to "ice skate" because of the freezing rain from the night before.  They had a glorious time sliding and falling all over the place!

I love the old brick buildings around here!!!

Sean and Hollies back yard

the kids trying out Chad's old toys!

building at Chad's farm

The sunrise as we left Ohio

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Jessie at Blog Schmog said...

Oh what beautiful pictures. I couldn't get enough! Love the old truck and your header is adroable. :) I was going through old posts and re-found you. So glad I did.