Monday, March 07, 2011

Home Again!

We have made it home, and hopefully I will be getting the rest of our trip pictures up on the blog soon.  We have been busy unpacking and sorting through old things getting it all organized.  Our kitties are excited to have us home and so are all our friends!  Chad doesn't have to be officially back to work until the 1st of April, so we have a good amount of time to settle in.  We will also be adding a new little addition to our family, and we have named her Mocha.  She is a chocolate lab from Great Falls, MT and while we could not bring her back yet, because she is only 5 weeks old, we have friends that are getting married soon and are driving to camp to work here for a year, and so they will be bringing her with them.  Hopefully by the first part of April she will be here!  Until then we will be watching another Lab for friends while they go on vacation, and hoping our cats will have adjusted to having a dog around by the time Mocha comes home!  On a sad note I was not able to get into the Gold Nugget Triathlon this year, but plan on doing many more races, so I guess they will have to do.  This year 1500 people were signed up in under 30 min.  so it was extremely hard to get entered in time!

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