Thursday, March 17, 2011

Heading to Nebraska 1-31-11

Early Monday morning, the 31st of January we woke and finished packing everything into the car. We said our goodbye's and by 7:30am we were on the road. Our plan was to make it to my aunts house in Nebraska, and beat the storm that was moving in to that part of the country! When we were watching the weather it looked like the storm was coming up from the south and we thought that we would be missed completely, but that was not the case. We did not get the amount of snow that the other states recieved, but by the time we reached Iowa it was starting to rain and sleet on us, making the roads really icey. We got into Des Moines about 4pm and had 5 more hours to drive, and because of the conditions we decided to stay the night there. The next morning we got up loaded in the car and started to drive, but to our detriment the wind was now blowing at 20-25 mph and the big storm was moving in at noon. We drove 30 miles, much more than we wanted to, and finaly stopped in a little town for the night. We left at 8:30 and we stopped at 9:30. By the time we had checked in the visibility was less than a quarter mile, the wind had picked up, and with the icey roads we were being pushed all over, so we were thankful we stopped. We all went swimming for a couple of hours and had lots of fun. We prayed that the next morning it would not be as bad!

                                     here you can see the wind blowing the snow accross the road

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