Friday, March 18, 2011

Des Moines to Cairo Nebraska 2-2-11

As we prepared to leave on Wednesday morning from the hotel, we were just praying that the wind would not be as bad as yesterday, and that the ice would be off the road.  We decided not to leave until later in the morning to increase the chance of better road conditions.  At 9:30 we headed out and the wind was blowing but the road was dry, which releived us imensely.  What we saw as we drove the 200 miles more to my aunts house made us so very greatful that we stopped when we did the day before.  We saw at least 8 semi's and dozens of cars in the ditch.  We were able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and see all the cool formations in the snow that the wind had made, and had a relatively short drive to my aunts house, where we were greeted with many cats, a dog, horses, cows, and goats.

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