Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 1 and 2 of the Alcan

We left monday afternoon, February 28th, after Chad and the girls repacked the trailer and I packed up everything in the house.  We were finally on our way home.  We made it to Great Falls by 4:30pm and had just started running into icy patches and high wind.  Unfortunately it was that way all the way to the border and possibly all the way to Edmonton.  So we stopped for the night and ambushed my aunt and uncle!  They were more than happy to let us stay, and we were even able to pop on over to see our puppy again.  The next morning we did not get started until 9:30, which I was sort of ok with.  It was my birthday and the idea of driving all day did not sound like a very fun celebration to me! Ha.  Especially since this was my 30th...I wanted to celebrate big, but that was not to next year I will just celebrate with a party twice as fun! Anyway, back to driving.  We made it across the border in great time, only stopped for about 10 minutes, and then we were on our way.  The roads were great and we were able to drive between 65 and 70 all day!  Our plan had been to try and drive straight through, but with the trailer as large as it was, not knowing at what point we would hit icy snow packed roads, and the fact that I would be the one driving at night detered me from wanting to drive all night.  We made great time that day and made it all the way to Grand Prairie by 10pm, where we stopped for the night.

wide open spaces

Yay we made it across the border!

they had lots of these hay bales out for advertising the different beers. Thought it was kind of interesting.


Huge herd of deer.  Made Chad a little sad :)

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