Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2nd Half of our Time in Montana

Around the 14th of February Chad and I were able to sneak away and go out for an evening.  We both had a wonderful time, as we worked out together, had dinner together and then off to the movies.  We have been able to view some beautiful sunrises and sunsets while we were there.  My mom insisted that the girls get to make sugar cookies with her, and then frost them.  What a fun process, and they all did such a good job.  One of the frosting colors was blue, and Mason had a cookie with that frosting and boy his diaper had turned blue!!!  It was pretty gross. Ha.
The kids played with puzzles and games, and they colored a lot and road horses when the weather would allow it.  The last week that we were at my parents house the church we attend there puts on a mission conference every year and so Chad spent much of his time going and speaking to sunday school groups, bible studies, youth groups, and the college aged kids.  The week is very full, and we were pretty exhausted when it was over.  On top of that we began packing all of our stuff into the trailer and suburban so we could leave right after the conference was over.  On Sunday evening right before our last meeting we had just about everything packed, and my dad and Chad went with the trailer to pick one more thing up from storage, and on that little trip our shelf with all the boxes on it fell forward and made a big mess, so we were back to square one!  Instead of leaving bright and early on Monday morning we did not get out of Bozeman until 1:30 in the afternoon.  Thankfully it was all packed by then and we were off.

birthday cake to celebrate my dad's 60th, my 30th, Madison's 7, Chad's 38th, and Heidi's 4th

Thai dinner that mom and I made for her bible study and the missionaries that were coming to speak to them

Our puppy Mocha at 5 weeks old

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