Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Half of Our Time in Montana

We spent the first week trying to keep ourselves healthy and not sick, since we had all spent the month of January sick.  Our family managed to fair pretty well, but my parents were sick the entire month and well into March before all the symptoms went away.  What a horrible cold season it was this year!  Anyway, when we first arrived, there was lots of snow to play in, and my dad had built a snow cave earlier in the year and so the kids sledded on that and played inside.  Sadly since it was so cold and snowy the girls did not get as much horseriding time as they would have liked.  We also went up to see another set of aunt and uncles and to see my grandpa and look around the farm to see if we wanted anything to take home from there.  I did of course but I will show that in another post! :)

my mom has a few bird feeders and they were always swarmed with birds!  The kids had fun watching them.

the deer enjoying the bird seed that is dropped....they come every morning and every evening!


                                These next few pictures are traveling from Bozeman to Great Falls

                                                    out at my grandpa's farm

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