Friday, April 01, 2011

Day 3 and 4 on the Alcan March 2 and 3

We were able to get off to a good start today, but with the roads icy on and off it was a little slow going.  We are not to the section of the road where we start to get into the mountains and so the roads curve and roll up and down around them.  Leaving Grand Prairie and only making it to Fort Nelson at 3pm.  We stopped for the night, because the next section of road is really slow going with cliffs and drop offs and water close to the road, we wanted to make sure that we drove it during the day.  So we grabed a room and headed to Boston's Pizza for dinner.  The next morning we got up early and hit the road running!  We were so happy we had stopped early because we learned that the day before there were very high winds, enough so that semi's were stopping for the night because they were getting pushed off the road.  It still took us 7 hours to get through Stone Mountain Park and Muncho Lake Park, just around 300 miles between Fort Nelson and Watson Lake.  We stopped in Watson Lake for gas and bathroom breaks and when Chad went to start the car we got nothing....ya we kinda freaked out.  Chad went in to call the repair shop and the kids and I waited in the car.  While Chad waited for the mechanic to come the kids and I went inside and sat at some table to watch a movie where it was a bit warmer than the subzero temps that were outside.  15 min. later Chad came in and said that they got the car started!  We loaded up and Chad said that it was possible that the starter just got a little frozen and when the guy came to tow him he popped it hard and it must have knocked the stuff off the starter because it started right up and has not given us any problems since!  We headed on to Whitehorse and stopped there for the night, hopping that our car would start again in the morning.

right before we stopped for the night in Fort Nelson....watching a movie

Muncho Lake

car that flipped due to the high winds and icey roads

the sign city in Watson Lake, Yukon


Jennifer said...

We drove from Fairbanks to Savannah last May. It was such a great experience! Loved the Signpost Forest in Watson Lake too. :)

Sam said...

Beautiful shots! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!