Friday, April 01, 2011

Day 5 of the Alcan March 4th Home Again!

We awoke to the most beautiful sunrise this morning!  I could have added a hundred pictures but I will spare you the monoutomy of them all.  We got up and were praying that our car would start....and it did, so we were off!  We basically drove and drove and drove, hoping to make it home that night.  We still had 850 miles to drive but we were determined to make it home!  We were also very thankful for pretty good roads, not too many frost heaves, and beautiful weather all day, and the fact that we made it through the border control without a hitch again!  We left Whitehorse that morning at 6 am and made it to our home at 12:30am the next morning.  We almost stopped for the night in Palmer (just north of Anchorage) due to the high winds that were there, but as soon as we got out of town there wasn't any so I was able to drive the rest of the way home without incident.  When we got up on Saturday morning our first adgenda was to get a coffee from Kaladi Brothers, because it truely is the best coffee that we have had, and we have been to a few places! LOL

Sunrise just out of Whitehorse

this was the average temperature we drove in up the highway.  It was even as far down as 35 below!  Makes for good driving weather though....No Snow!!

Just before Haines Junction

This is what happens when kids have been couped up in a car for 5 days together...or 6 months take your pick!  LOL  And yes, Mason did this to whomever was sitting there on a regular basis :)

The Mountains in Alaska!  When we crossed the border there was a loud cheer from the back.  The kids were very happy to be closer to home and back in our state!

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Tonya said...

These are beautiful pictures! I can't imagine being out and about when the temperature is -35!!! That makes me want to go get my house robe right now! lol

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